The Company RVMSS is a diversified holding company.

Our main works are transport, insurance of cargos and vessels, and technical management of vessel as well.

The marine engineers have a wide experience of working as chief engineer on vessels of Soviet merchant fleet and on foreign companies as well. Some of them have worked as superintendent.

We would like to offer you our experience and knowledge for making a technical management for your company vessels, namely:

  • Planning of application for efficiency energy using on any type of vessel. We can offer to you the technical solutions for minimization of heat loss in your vessel propulsion unit.
  • Inspection vessels technical condition and their compliance with requirements of Port State Control, Flag Register and cargo (freight) owners and your vessels will not be detain owing to some mismatch of these Organizations requests.
  • Inspection your spare parts and materials in vessels stores. We can offer to you reasonable plan of arrangement and using of them during your vessel operation and overhauling.
  • Making the repair list with ship's crew. We have given the recommendation to ship-owners where is more practicability, means price and quality, to make Dock repair of a ship.
  • We can offer our technical management on ship yard for your ship, means, and continuous control with ship yard technology performance and accounting to avoid ship-owners loss of money and time.
  • Also we can organize maintenance on board of your vessel by crew members for reduction of repair of ship',s equipment in ship yard or factory specialists.

The cooperation with us would be given to you real advantages over other companies because you will get real saving your money and time if the technical management will be done by ours marine engineers.

Best Regards, RVMSS Technical Management Department.